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PURE BIOCHAR Application Information     PURE BLACK BIOCHAR™

Because the whole study of Biochar and its application as a soil amendment (agrichar) is still relatively new, there is no consensus on what the optimum amounts of biochar should be used with each crop. What is known is that, while you can add too little to see noticeable benefits, it is hard to conceive of adding too much. Rather it seems the more one adds the healthier the soil becomes - not necessarily in the short term but definitely over the long term. With that in mind the rates given below are considered amounts that produce noticeable returns as seen in different field trials.

  • Home Gardens: incorporate two 30 lb. bags of PURE BIOCHAR per 10 sq. yards of soil. Work into top 4 - 6in. of soil; add seed, rake and water thoroughly.
  • Lawn Maintenance: following aeration, apply at 2 bags of PURE BIOCHAR per 10 sq. yard area.
  • Trees and Shrubs: equal parts of PURE BIOCHAR with potting soil and place 4 - 6in. of this mixture into planting hole. Place tree or shrub into planting hole and fill with remainder of mix
  • Flower Beds: incorporate 2 bags of PURE BIOCHAR per 10 sq. yards of the planting bed.
  • Potted Plants: When transplanting plants, mix equal parts of PURE BIOCHAR with your favorite potting soil and add NPK fertilizer of your choosing.
  • Agricultural Application: Add 2 tons of PURE BIOCHAR per acre. Work into 4 - 8in. of existing soil.