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Decorative Bamboo Stalk Air Freshener's


Decorative, simple, elegant bamboo charcoal stalks for a creative display in any room for mild odor control is a sure convervation piece about the benefits and uniqueness of charcoal.

Bamboo is actually a member of the grass family.  So, when you cut it, it just grows back again, and quite quickly, so it is truly a renewable source.  Because of its hard surface, it makes a quality charcoal.

Because charcoal absorbs and emits far infrared, is anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, is excellent for odor control and is even used medicinally, the people in the orient surround themselves with it.  They place it abundantly and attractively around their home and even around their computers as charcoal adsorbs mircrowaves!  Amazing charcoal, our Creator's humble gift to man in the 21st century.

Ready for gift giving to the charcoal enthusiast!

Because the stalks size naturally vary, so do the amount in each box of whcih they range from 8 - 10 stalks approximately 12.5" in height, with a circumfrence of approximately 5" all together.

Made in Korea (this is 'not' an activated charcoal.)