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Pure Non Scents Face Mask

Pure Non-Scents® Activated Charcoal Face Masks (by Charcoal House) lets you breathe inside when breathing in your environment is unpleasant, obnoxious or down right unhealthy and dangerous.

Pure Non-Scents™ Charcoal Face Masks Hg+ (Mercury) use a special version of Activated Carbon Cloth (ACC) to give protection against mercury vapor and other organic vapors. The HF filter medium, offering the highest flow rates to date for any activated carbon cloth medium. Each layer has a highly adsorbent microporous internal surface area of 3600m2.

This is the same ACC cloth used in Nuclear, Biological and Chemical (NBC) protection wear.

A one-way valve on one side of the mask for easy exhalation adds to the mask's high airflow capability, which lets wearers breathe freely and concentrate on their work.

Light and comfortable to wear, the mask has an adjustable nosebridge allowing it to fit any size or shape of face.

Designed for minimum eight hours protection** (see Link below) against mercury, nuisance-level vapors and odors, as well as dusts down to 0.3 micron. The Hg+ mercury mask is not for use in oxygen-deficient areas or with toxic contaminants.

Designed for metal workers, dentists, dental technicians, hygienists, chemists,...

**For more Information see Pure Non-Scents® Masks Link below.