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Greenyarn Socks Mayheim White


All Greenyarn's Half Cut Socks feature fine gauge 200 needle count stitching, cushioned sole support, and are made with Eco-fabric - woven with nano-particles of activated charcoal.

These half cut socks are standard regulation sized; their cushion sole reduces shocks. These socks are generally used by athletes, people in uniformed services, and people who spend a lot of time on their feet.

These Eco-fabric socks deodorize, resist bacteria and fungii, and help blood circulation. There are many advanced features the knitting of the socks, which make them fit well and retain their cushion and provide support even after prolonged use.

SIZES: Medium, Large, Extra-Large
WOMAN - 5½ -8 (M) 8½ - 11 (L) 11½ -13 (X)
MEN - 4½ -8 (M) 8½ -10½ (L) 11-13 (X)