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Eco Fabric Gray Dash

ECO Fabric is a bamboo charcoal nano particle fabric, that is washable and wearable.  Because of the charcoal, the fabric is anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, breathable and dry, thermal regulated, absorbs and emits far infrared, deodorizing, prevents static electricity, and it is even a GREEN fabric. It is made from four to five year old bamboo stalks in the the mountains of Taiwan.  Not only can you toss it in the washer, but the dryer as well. Excellent for clothing, bags or whatever you can dream up.

The fabric is soft and drapes like a soft medium crepe. You cannot see through it.

Print, solid grey back. (picture of back will soon be posted, email for a picture if interested.)

Sold by the yard only.

$17.95 per yard

Width: 60"
Weight/Yard: 185g.
Eco-fabric 65%
Recycled Polyester 35%