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Charcoal Green Bone Char


Agricultural grade Bone Char (Bone Charcoal) is used bone char left over from the sugar industry. Bone Char removes color and certain minerals (iron) from the brown cane syrup in the refining of white table sugar. Because bone is naturally high in phosphorous, this makes Bone Char a natural phosphate soil additive. This is a controlled release "fertilizer" or “soft” phosphate which means it is not as soluble as commercial phosphate. By comparison it is like using dolomite lime instead of hydrated lime. As a natural phosphate additive it is more slowly utilized in the soil. The charcoal nature of Bone Char also holds beneficial nutrients in the soil and does not allow them to be leached away. A win win combination.

Clean, sun dried, crushed cattle bone is heated to 1,000 degrees Celsius over a 12 hour period in a reducing atmosphere. BONE CHAR is 90% hydroxyapatite and 10% carbon. It is black and the texture is from sand to coarse powder.

The fertilizer industry uses it for these specs:
Total nitrogen…0.52%
Available phosphate… 15 – 17%
Soluble potash…0.06%
Protein…. 1.5%
Ash… 92.00%
Calcium…. 35.3%
Potassium… 123 ppm


Size: approx. 20 x 60 U.S. Sieve No. (See Size Chart below)

MULTIPLE SACKS or PALLET ORDERS - please contact us for PRICE BREAKS & SHIPPING COSTS (308-665-1566)

Approx. 75 lbs / cu. ft.

10,000 x magnification (courtesy of RJ Lee Group)

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