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Charcoal Green Cocochar


Charcoal Green® Cocochar™ with no additives of any kind.

Charcoal Green® Cocochar™ is made from coconut shell. Using a slow cook time (pyrolysis) virtually all volatiles have been cooked off leaving a very pure biochar with high adsorption qualities.

Charcoal Green® Cocochar™ helps bind organic toxins (such as herbicides) from soil to provide a safer environment for new or existing root systems much like Amazonian terra preta soils.

Charcoal Green® Cocochar™ provides the following plant health benefits:
******Improved Soil Drainage
******More Neutral pH
******Reduced Soil Compaction
******Increased Nutrient Cycling
******Greater Retention of Water In Dry Soils
******Improved Germination
******Improved Plant Resistance To Fungal Disease, Root Feeding Nematodes and Insect Infestations

Great for organic gardeners who want to restore soil damaged by chemical treatments.

Very High Activity Levels.

DIMENSIONS: ½ in. to powder
WEIGHT: 30 lbs (poly sacks)

MULTIPLE SACKS or PALLET ORDERS - please contact us for PRICE BREAKS & SHIPPING COSTS (308-665-1566)