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Auto Odor Eliminator


Auto Odor Eliminator® uses nature's best odor-adsorbing material - charcoal! A patented porous process then activates the charcoal enabling it to target and neutralize odors. Gets rid of the bad odors from smoke, pets and spills. Fragrance free.

This car odor eliminator also provides a more convenient way of odor control without the mess of spills and clean up. Just clip or hang one from your sun visor for amazing results - eliminate car cigarette odor, pet odor, musty carpet odor, in minutes. The Auto Odor Eliminator doesn't just cover up bad odors in your car it "adsorbs" them! All other products only add a fragrance.

Even though it only measures 2"x3" it easily handles big odors. Great for the car, the truck, the camper, the trailer, the motorhome, and boat, but also works great in other confined areas of the house - closets, pet areas, lockers, gym bags, coolers, near garbage, and diaper pails.