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Aquarium Bone Charcoal


AQUARIUM BONE CHARCOAL is a unique carbonaceous adsorbent manufactured from the treatment and carbonization of selected grades of animal bone and is used for commercial and domestic water filtration to remove organic and inorganic species such as color bodies and many TOXIC HEAVY METALS. See LINKS below.

This product is NSF certified.

This coarse grade of Bone Charcoal is especially effective in AQUARIUMS.

To read directions for use in aquariums read TESTIMONY.

Rinse off any charcoal dust before application.

Customers requiring larger bulk quantities (multiple 50 lb. bags) please contact us at 1-888-264-5568

Approx. 38 lbs/ cu. ft.

NOTICE: Due to the varied nature of treatment and operational procedures, we regret that we cannot make any reduction claims or warranty.

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