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All Gone Odor Eliminator

All Gone!™ is the new revolution in air cleaning that captures odors and impurities, pulling them out of the air and out of your life for good. Completely safe for children and pets, and contains no allergens. All Gone!™ uses the safe, ALL NATURAL, and environmentally friendly technology of Activated Charcoal. Its millions of tiny holes or pores attract the odor-causing molecules out of the air and capture them in the disk, leaving the fresh scent of clean, pure air. This amazing home air cleaning system eliminates all types of odors including human body odor, pet, food, and household odors from a wide array of environments. Up to a 100 times more effective than Baking Soda.

The discs begin to work as soon as you remove the activating labels from both sides of the disc.

A single disc is most effective when used in a confined area of 5ft. x 7ft. For larger areas use multiple discs. Place discs as close to odor source as possible.

The discs continue to absorb bad odors and impurities until all the pores are full. Depending on how BIG your problem is the discs can be changed with the seasons, or every 3 months for maximum effectiveness. Simply throw the old disc away and replace with a fresh one.
Keep discs away from damp fabric.

MULTI-USE 12-piece package includes:
5 - All Gone! activated charcoal disks which are interchangeable to accommodate all of your odor problems. DIMENSIONS: 3 7/8 in. x 1 1/4 in.
2 - Iridescent blue water-drop housings attractively hold the disk and are perfect for your refrigerator, bathroom, cars, RVs, boats, or living spaces.
2 - Hanging Baskets with adhesive, which suspend the disk, and are ideal for litter boxes, under diaper, trashcan and freezer lids, or household and car air vents.
3 - Hanging Ties allow you to hang the All Gone! disk in a closet, musty basement, tent, or locker. Even handles gym bag, hunting and fishing gear odors.
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