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Activated Carbon Pellet Anthracite 4mm

4AN is a pelletized activated carbon produced from anthracite coal by a high temperature activation process under stringent quality control. It has a large surface area, high mechanical hardness, and excellent pore volume and chemical stability. This product is NSF certified and meets or exceeds all food chemical codex, AWWA and ASTM Protocols.  This is a very clean, great vapor phase product to purify air.
♦ High adsorption capacity and efficiency
♦ Hard and durable
♦ Highly developed pore structure

Particle shape 4-mm diameter pellet
Iodine Number (mg/g) 1050 minimum
Carbon Tetrachloride Number (CTC) 60% minimum
Hardness Number 95 minimum
Moisture (as packed) 3% maximum
Apparent Density (g/cc) 0.48 typical

MULTIPLE SACKS or PALLET ORDERS - please contact us for PRICE BREAKS & SHIPPING COSTS (308-665-1566)

Approx. 40 lbs/ cu. ft.

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