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100% Cotton Black Washcloth

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Soft black, cotton washcloth. Perfect to use with charcoal soaps and baths.


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12 BLK Cotton Washcloths (2.95 ea) ($30.00)
B-8801 100% Cotton Black Washcloth Made In USA ($2.95)
6 BLK Cotton Washcloths (2.75 ea) ($16.50)


A high quality, black, 100 % cotton washcloth, perfect to use with your charcaol soaps, baths, or any kind of clean up.  The dyeing process in making the washcloth is call Val Dyeing, which means that they are bleach proof, color safe and supposedly stain resistant.  We won't promise that they are 'stain resistant to charcoal,' but it will certainly be hard to see the charcoal stains on them!  :)

100% Cotton Terry/13" x 13"
Sheep soap not included
Made in Pakistan

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