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Activated Charcoal For Poisoning


The following substances are strongly adsorbed on Activated Charcoal:
  • Medicines such as aspirin, barbiturates, phenytoin, tricyclic anti-depressants, sulphonamides, contraceptive hydrocarbons.
  • Solvents such as chlorinated hydrocarbons.
  • Plants, berries and toadstools.
  • Insecticides, weed-killers, rat and mouse poisons.
  • Tobacco (nicotine)
  • Household products such as Lysol, detergents, mothballs and metal-polishes.
  • Cosmetics such as nail varnish and nail varnish remover.

For a list of common natural and man-made POISONS click HERE.

Acute diarrhea normally results from a bacterial or viral gastro-intestinal infection. This is commonly seen as gastric flu, (travelers') diarrhea or food poisoning. It can mean the loss of important business or holiday days. For rapid recovery, the patient needs a treatment that can be used at any time, has no contra-indications and no side effects.

 Toxins are readily bound by Activated Charcoal and lose their capacity to irritate the gastro-intestinal tract. Activated Charcoal is eliminated from the body in the natural way. The cause of the problem is removed without any disturbance of the normal bodily functions.

  Activated Charcoal can be taken safely at any age, and so far as is known, during pregnancy and lactation.

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