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Koi Fish Pond



Charcoal Sumi Balls are an excellent Koi fish pond filter media. Do you have trouble with Koi pond water pigments, odor problems, algae build-up? Charcoal Sumi Balls can help solve your Koi pond problems.

Tannic acid build-up creates a yellow brownish tint to your pond water – not the best way to enjoy or show off your prize Koi fish. Charcoal Sumi Balls eliminate tannic acid as well as other pigments from falling leaves or debris.

Then there are odor problems which can make all the investment in your Koi pond not the pleasant experience it could be if  the atmosphere was instead fresh and untainted. Depending where your Koi fish pond is located the unfriendly odors can keep away more than two-legged visitors. Birds and other wildlife will have no taste for the water and you will miss out on their addition to your retreat.

Sumi Balls are made from charcoal. Charcoal has been used for thousands of years to control a wide variety of unpleasant or poisonous odors. In fact charcoal is an indispensable industrial filter for thousands of natural and manmade toxic or unpleasant odors. Not only will you and your guests notice the difference but more importantly your Koi fish will as well and their guests.

Then there are the different algae that can also foul your water, rocks, spillways etc. Charcoal Sumi Balls help to eliminate algae build-up.

Top this off with a range of SumiBall colors that can add another feature to your overall presentation.

Kim was enjoying his Koi fish pond until it developed a tannic acid build-up and associated odors. He also noticed other guests that used to frequent the pond no longer were coming. Kim purchased 10lbs of Sumi Balls and placed them under a waterfall thinking this would give the pond water the best exposure to the Sumi Balls. Unfortunately the action of the 2-foot waterfall was too strong and the blue-colored ceramic shells began to disintegrate turning the water cloudy. Not a good beginning.

We sent on another 10 lbs and this time Kim placed the Sumi Balls on the waterfall spillway where there was little to no agitation of the balls at all. The results were positive. Kim writes:

" The yellowish tannic color that the water originally had is gone and has not reappeared. Best of all is that the water has no odor at all. The squirrels, not to mention some songbirds, are in the habit now of drinking from the fishpond even if I’m standing or sitting nearby. That tells me that the Sumi Balls are doing their job on the odor as well. 

I’ll take the picture of the fish during feeding time, which is the only time that they come to the surface during the day. I’ll be in touch and will have some questions for you regarding whether the charcoal balls absorb calcium carbonate or not. I’ve been adding some granulated carbonate into the pond to increase the general hardness but haven’t had much luck so far. "

    March, 2009

Charcoal does to some degree adsorb mineral salts such as calcium carbonate but not very well.