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HARDWOOD ACTIVATED CHARCOAL POWDER, Food Grade, NSF Certified, Neutral PH-10 oz. - 1 qt. jar

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A high quality activated charcoal powder made from HARDWOOD suitable for external applications in poultices, compresses and baths, for the treatment of infections, pain, and as a general detoxifier. Made in USA


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Hardwood Activated Charcoal Powder is used in charcoal poultices and compresses for the treatment of infections and pain, or in baths when requiring a generalized application over a larger body area.

This activated charcoal powder is used in numerous health and beauty applications, such as facial creams, soaps, deodorants, and more...

Hardwood activated charcoal powder may also be applied to animals.

Activated Charcoal Powder made from USA Eastern Hardwoods (chips & sawdust).

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*Measurement Equivalents

Our Hardwood Activated Charcoal Powder (pH-7) is specifically designed for the adsorption of large quantities of high molecular weight substances, including pigments.This grade is designed for applications requiring a minimum amount of carbon to remove a maximum amount of impurities. The neutral pH and filtering speed make this grade ideal for pharmaceutical and fine chemical purification, and purification of food products. It has a broad range of filtering applications. It is made from hardwood and meets the food-grade quality of activated charcoal as defined in the current edition of the Food Chemicals Codex and is Certified NSF/ANSI Standard 61.

  • High adsorption capacity and efficiency
  • Neutral pH
  • Food-grade quality
  • NSF/ANSI Certified
  • Kosher Certified

Sieve Size:

   % thru 100 mesh (150μ)
   % thru 200 mesh (75 μ)
   % thru 325 mesh (45μ)

95 - 100%
85 - 95%
65 - 85% 

 Surface Area (m2/g)  1400 - 1800
 Iodine Number (mg/g)  1,000 minimum
 Moisture  10% maximum as packed
 Apparent Density (lbs/ cu. ft.)  20 - 23
 Ash  5-7%
 pH  6 - 8 typical
 Filtering time (sec)  50 - 100

This information has been gathered from the manufacturer and/or test data, and is assumed to be accurate and reliable. only warrants that this product will meet the above described published specifications and makes no other warranties of any kind either expressed or implied including but not limited to fitness for a particular purpose or application. Buyer assumes all liability and risk that may arise from the use of this product.