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Charcoal Green® PURE BIOCHAR COARSE-55 lbs paper sack - 3.3 cu ft

Quick Overview

Charcoal Green® PURE BIOCHAR (coarse: ¼” - 1”) - made from hardwood. Charcoal Green® PURE BIOCHAR improves soil drainage, reduces soil compaction, increases nutrient cycling, gives greater retention of water in dry soils, improves germination, improves plant resistance to fungal disease, root feeding nematodes and insect infestations.


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Charcoal Green® Pure Biochar COARSE with no additives of any kind.

Charcoal Green® Pure Biochar is made from Eastern hardwoods. Virtually all volatiles have been cooked off leaving a very pure biochar with high adsorption qualities.

Charcoal Green® Pure Biochar helps bind organic toxins (such as herbicides) from soil to provide a safer environment for new or existing root systems much like Amazonian terra preta soils.

As a soil supplement it provides the following plant health benefits:
******Improved Soil Drainage
******More Neutral pH
******Reduced Soil Compaction
******Increased Nutrient Cycling
******Greater Retention of Water In Dry Soils
******Improved Germination
******Improved Plant Resistance To Fungal Disease, Root Feeding Nematodes and Insect Infestations

Great for organic gardeners who want to restore soil damaged by chemical treatments.

Perfect size for ORCHID medium

DIMENSIONS: ¼” - 1” (Very little dust)

High Activity Levels.

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