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Gro Safe Application




1. Spills
GRO-SAFE can be used on spills of organic pesticides, herbicides, insecticides, some petroleum products, and hydraulic fluids

Use 100 lbs of GRO-SAFE to every lb of active material spilled, but no less than 2 lbs of GRO-SAFE per 150 ft2 (600lbs/acre) of contaminated area.
1.    If the active material has not been diluted with water at the time of the spill, apply GRO-SAFE directly from the GRO-SAFE container as a dry powder.
2.    If the active material has been diluted with water, apply GRO-SAFE in a slurry form with a sprinkler can or common sprayer equipment.
GRO-SAFE must be worked into the contaminated soil, preferably to a depth of 6 inches. With severe spills, it may be necessary to remove some of the contaminated soil prior to the application of GRO-SAFE.

2. Sprayer Cleaning GRO-SAFE can be used in cleaning spray equipment after pesticide application.

For large sprayers first wash the system with water containing 1 cup of detergent for each 50 gallons of wash water, circulate through entire system and drain. Fill the tank ½ full with fresh water. Add 1 lb of GRO-SAFE for each 50 gallons of wash water. Now add balance of water to fill tank completely. Recirculate the wash water for 15 minutes, then flush it through the spray nozzles for another 10 minutes. Drain the system and flush with water until all evidence of GRO-SAFE has disappeared from the rinse water.

3. Turf Herbicides
Turf areas that have been treated with pre-emergent crab grass and other herbicides can be reseeded earlier than normal by treating them with GRO-SAFE

Whenever it is desirable to terminate the effect of a pre-emergent herbicide, apply GRO-SAFE slurry at a rate of 1 lb in 1 gallon of water for each 150 ft2. Water the slurry into the soil. Make sure that the grass is washed free of heavy carbon deposits. Where possible, it is desirable to rake the carbon into the soil thoroughly. The area can be seeded 24 hrs after treatment with GRO-SAFE.

4. Crop Rotation
It is often desirable to plant a herbicide sensitive crop in soil previously treated with herbicide, or in soil where harmful residue remains. GRO-SAFE can be used to reduce the effects of such undesirable residues. 

The application varies with type of crop and the amount of residue. In general, 100 lbs of GRO-SAFE per acre is used for each lb of active material applied to the soil with a minimum rate of 300 lbs/acre. 
For the most economical method of application, a band treatment can be used. Spray a band of GRO-SAFE slurry wide enough to cover the root zone directly over the seed row. Suggested rate will be 300 lbs/acre of GRO-SAFE in the banded area. Band width and rate may vary with different crops, GRO-SAFE has to be worked into the soil to be effective. A depth of 6 inches is generally preferred. For Food and Feed Crops refer to Caution Statement.

1. Bare Root Transplanting 
GRO-SAFE can be used to protect the root system of transplants from possible trace herbicides in the soil that could injure the plant during the critical period after planting.

Dip roots of plants thoroughly in a slurry of 1 lb of GRO-SAFE per gallon of water. Transplant while roots are wet. Normally 1 lb of GRO-SAFE will treat up to 500 small plants. 
As an alternate method, use GRO-SAFE in the transplant water at a dosage rate of 1/8-1/4 lb per gallon.

2. Ball & Burlap Transplanting
Watering of freshly planted stock results in residual pesticides from surrounding soil being leached into the root zone. This can be significantly reduced by forming a protective barrier of GRO-SAFE around the root system. 

Pour a portion of the recommended amount of GRO-SAFE (either dry or in a slurry) over the ball. Distribute the remainder of GRO-SAFE slurry throughout soil used to fill the hole. 
1.    Balls 12 inches or less in diameter use 1/2 lb of GRO-SAFE.
2.    Use an additional 1/2 lb of GRO-SAFE for each six inches in diameter of the ball over 12 inches.

3. Protective Barrier Shrubs, Trees & Plants 
Established shrubs and trees can be protected with GRO-SAFE from long term leaching from surrounding soil.

Incorporate GRO-SAFE slurry (1 lb per gallon of water) into a barrier trench 3-6 inches deep on all sides from which leaching is expected. Use 1 lb of GRO-SAFE per 10 linear feet. Repeat as required.

4. Seed Protection 
 GRO-SAFE when applied as a layer over seed rows will protect the seeds from subsequent herbicide treatment.

Spray a band of GRO-SAFE slurry wide enough to cover the root zone directly over the seed row. Suggested rate is 300 lbs/acre of GRO-SAFE in the banded area. Band width and rate may vary with different crops and/or pesticides- For Food and Feed crops refer to Caution Statement.


Even in the absence of known herbicide problems, GRO-SAFE as a soil amendment can assist in establishing grass coverage. In the majority of studies, complete grass coverage was achieved in approximately half the time when using GRO-SAFE.

Prepare the seed bed in the normal manner. Apply a broadcast application of 100 to 300 lbs/acre of GRO-SAFE. Incorporate the GRO-SAFE into the soil and proceed with the seeding operation.

Knitting of transplanted sod to the soil is often retarded by normal stress conditions, presence of herbicides, etc. Dramatic acceleration of knitting is frequently achieved with GRO SAFE.

Prepare the soil in the normal manner. Apply 100 to 600 lbs/acre of GRO SAFE. Incorporate GRO SAFE in the soil and continue with the sodding operation.