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Greenyarn Charcoal Fabric

Greenyarn Fabric capitalizes on the wonders of nano technology to utilize the amazing benefits of activated charcoal. Bio-weave, Eco-fabric, 200-needle count knitting all work together to make walking a treat whether it is up and down mountains, cross country skiing, or just kicking leaves down a forest trail.
Unlike other Nanotechnology products, Eco-fabric has nano-particles embedded within the fibers and they do not come out even after washing. That makes it safe for you and the environment!
What is Bio-weave? 
Bio-weave is a highly wicking and quick drying fabric that is embedded with nano-particles of bio-ceramic in its fibers.
What is Bio-Ceramic?  
Bio-ceramic is a fabric embedded with 26 kinds of ceramic mixed with mineral oxides combined together at 1600 degrees centigrade. After cooling, the composite ceramic absorbs and emits far-infrared energy. 
What is Eco-fabric? 
Eco-fabric is material embedded with nano-particles of activated bamboo charcoal.
Eco-fabric’s bamboo charcoal nano-particles comes from Taiwanese Moso Bamboo (Phyllostachys heterocycla pubescens), grown naturally in the Jhushan “Bamboo Mountain” region of Taiwan. A renewable resource, a bamboo forest regrows in 4–5 years, while a tree forest takes 60 years. Eco-fabric fights bacteria and fungii and is anti-static. 
What is 200-needle count densely knit 3-D technology? 
200-needle count densely knitted socks are the densest knitted socks in the world. Unlike other conventional socks which cushions feet for only a few hours, the 200 needle count 3-D knitted terry sole is so dense it can keep the feet cushioned all day even with prolonged wearing and walking, giving you more bounce in every step. With the Y-heel seams and arch-band, these socks fit well and stay in place all day, reducing the chance of developing blisters.
Washing Instructions
  1. Cold machine wash - 30°C with mild detergent
  2. No bleach
  3. Do not wring dry
  4. Do not dry clean
  5. Do not iron