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Your Stories

We want to thank the many who have shared their personal testimonies with us and apologize that we are unable to post all of them. Each are a witness to the efficacy of activated charcoal as a simple natural remedy for a wide number of conditions - for people, pets and garden plots. We would invite you to the Your Stories pages to read some of the many touching stories we receive regularly. We have included a number of stories from April until now. It would be nice if we could tell the reader that activated charcoal works the same way every time but it doesn’t. But, when it doesn’t, it doesn’t add to the existing problem as do poisonous drugs. Instead people need to look for another of God’s simple and safe remedies that will work.

Tooth Abscess
I had what I thought was a very bad toothache, and it was getting worse by the minute. My left cheek starting to really swell up, so much so, that my sympathetic hubby started to call me ‘Chippy,’ as I looked like a chipmunk, with a golf ball in her left cheek! :)

The fact was, I had a huge abscess and I was ready to have my tooth pulled, but a two day snowstorm prevented me from doing so, I am so glad!!

I tried to put a mixture of charcoal, water and ground flax seed in my mouth, but it was gagging me and the pressure was hurting my teeth. I tried putting charcoal tablets next to the tooth that was hurting and it too hurt my mouth. All I could do was put on Thieves Oil, of which the cloves in it, would help numb the pain some. I couldn’t sleep, I was in so much pain.

Then it finally dawned on me to make a charcoal poultice. Yes of course we are surrounded by charcoal, my hubby wrote a book on it, but, the obvious was just too obvious! I made a poultice, went to bed with it on and I slept!! In the morning, the abscess was half the size. Another few nights with a poultice on and it got down to a size of a half marble. From there I was able to put a charcoal tablet or two on it and it began to disappear.

I like to make big poultices and thick. You can’t use too much charcoal but you can use too little to do any good. The charcoal needs to be wet, as if it is wet, it has more drawing power. I wrapped it with an ace bandage that sticks to itself, these are the best for making poultices. When I made my poultice, I used about a third to half cup of very warm water, 2 heaping Tablespoons of activated charcoal powder and about 2 Tablespoons of ground flax seed. If the charcoal jelly is too thick, just add more warm water, if it is too runny, add a little more ground flax seed.

After you get the jelly made, pour it into the middle of a paper towel, and spread it out like a long jelly roll.  Then fold up the long edges, then the short edges, so that you have all the folding on one side.  Put the side that has only one layer of paper against your skin, (if the paper that is going against your skin is not real wet, then sprinkle some warm water on it), then put a piece of plastic food wrap on the poultice to help keep it wet and to keep it from leaking. Then apply your ace bandage and you’re done! For my face, I wrapped an ace bandage first vertical, than a separate one horizontally and it did not come off while I slept. You might want to use a pillow case you don’t care about just in case it leaks through the night.

As for putting the charcoal tablets on, for me, the tablet needs to be very wet. Putting the tablet against the tooth or onto the abscess, and then drinking warm water so that the tablet gets almost mushy, works best for me.
November 2009


Editor's note: the above picture shows my wife wearing a charcoal poultice for an abscessed tooth. She is not a member of some nefarious organization. Kimberly consented to a picture on condition she could wear sunglasses to protect her identity.

Tummy Pains
I have to say that the Colic Calm is a miracle. It works so fast and makes my baby sleep soundly for hours. My little girl has bad gas and tummy pains and this products removes all symptoms. Thank you
November 2009
The Flu
During October, as the nation was gearing up for the swine flu shots (H1N1), Imate called to place an order for charcoal powder. She is an elderly woman. When she came down with the flu, instead of lining up for a flu shot, she decided to follow a friend’s suggestion to take charcoal powder. She happily reported that, “After 3 days the flu was gone!” But the rest of her family were still suffering on.
October 2009
Poisoned Cat – Cow De-wormer
I have a testimony for you. My herbal supplier in NC keeps me well supplied with charcoal, and I give it to everyone I know and keep it in my car too. A few years ago we had a kitten, about a month old that needed worming. We didn't have any cat or dog wormer, but we did have cow wormer. My granddaughter (about 20 at the time), has always been our resident vet and she figured that she could give a minute amount to the kitten and it would be all right. But it wasn't. The poor kitten was in terrible distress, flopping all over the floor and collapsing and having spasms. She called the vet and he said the kitten would die, it couldn't possible live. My grandgirl fixed some charcoal water and wrapped the kitten in a towel so it couldn't scratch her, and fed dropperfuls to that baby all night. By morning it was able to drink, and was staggering around on its feet. Within 24 hours there was no sign of being poisoned. We called the vet and told him, and I don't think he believed us, but the kitten grew up to be a very large and healthy tomcat. I wouldn't be without charcoal, nor do I want my friends and family to ever be without it. I thank God for the natural remedies He gives us so freely.
North Carolina
October 2009
Happy Healthy Fish
Short and sweet... I love the product. Finding your website was one of the best things I did all year! Honestly! I use the granulated charcoal for my aquarium and the water has lasted ever since. I haven't changed it and it's still crystal clear and my fish are happy! Sure beats paying $20 for some little foil pouch of garbage charcoal from the pet store every month! Thanks
October 2009
Revived Betta Fish
SumiBalls! I have a betta fish that is quite old, had stopped eating, was looking like it was not long for the world. I tried putting some SumiBalls into the container, and this fish has come alive - It's weeks later now, and he has a new lease on life! Amazing to see these wonderful benefits!
August 2009
Inflammation & Pain
Am interested in bulk powdered activated charcoal. I used to do the poultices for myself and it helped tremendously with my inflammation and some pain was relieved also. I am VERY excited to have come upon this website. I have been looking for some activated charcoal locally and on the Internet for quite some time. And thank you for making it available and reasonable for the average consumer to purchase. The selection of charcoal products and info on the various uses is priceless.
How long – how much?
On a semi-regular basis we get emails similar to the one below. We hope all our answers make sense.
Message: “I was wondering how long it takes for it to get here and how much it costs”
Reply: “Good question! It depends a great deal on where you live and what you want!”