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Charcoal For Fish Odor

              Charcoal eliminates rotten fish stench. Ask someone who

Rotting Fish Smell

I want to thank you for the great service and the Pure Non-Scents® product. We had a refrigerator fail about 2 months before we went to the cabin again. About 20# of fish filets and meat rotted and the entire house was terrible. After hanging the bags in front of the air return to the furnace and placing numerous plates with a small amount for about 2 hours, the level of odor was greatly reduced. The next day the odor was almost gone. I was amazed it worked so well. We only used slightly over half of the gallon jar. Wow, what a relief. We left all in place and well return in about 2 weeks. I can't begin to tell you how pleased with the product and service you provided. Thank you for having a great product THAT WORKS available. We are proof that the liquid odor removers are, at most. a mask that only changes the odor. What they leave is not pleasant. No odor remaining is what Pure Non-Scents® accomplishes.

Best regards, Glenn   2-17-14

Pure Non-Scents Odor Control
                           Pure Non-Scents Odor Control