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Hot Tubs

Sumi Balls for Hot Tubs & Spas

It has been a long day and you are ready for a nice warm soak in your new Hot Tub. You go out onto your patio and you lift off your Hot Tub cover and you are nearly knocked over with the overpowering chlorine gas that rushes out at you.

Chlorine is a just a matter of course for bathing facilities whether it is Hot Tubs, spas, whirlpool baths, children’s wading pools, or Olympic swimming pools. Chlorine helps keep down algae growth as well as disinfecting the water from any number of bacteria.

There are other sanitizing, disinfecting, or decontaminating agents such as brominating tablets, potassium monopersulfate, Biguanide, and ozonators. Bromine produces less gassing-off than chlorine and Biguanide still less, but there still are lingering unpleasant odors.

Activated charcoal is used around the world in thousands of different industrial and medical applications to remove hundreds of different odors and dangerous vapors. In the case of your Hot Tub Charcoal Sumi Balls will also easily eliminate all those bad odors.

The Hot Tub cover is a vital component of any Hot Tub or Spa to hold in heat and to keep out debris and accidental visitors when not in use. But while the cover keeps in heat it also keeps in chlorine gas and ozone the single biggest factor in slowly but surely shortening the lifespan of your expensive Hot Tub cover. The combination of chlorine and ozone gases work together to eat away at the integrity of the cover and before you realize what is happening it is time to replace your cover.

David decided to do an experiment with some Sumi Balls for his Hot Tub. He placed about a pound of Sumi Balls in a plastic container that floated on top of the water, and replaced the Hot Tub Cover. All night the container of Sumi Balls floated quietly around on top of the water and when David came out the next morning to “test the waters” he was absolutely amazed.

“There was NO smell at all!! Usually when I raise the Hot Tub Cover the fumes are enough to knock you over, but there was no hint of chlorine fumes after just 12 hours. I'm sold”
Ontario, Canada

So what about those folks who chose not to use any of these strong chemicals? Here is another happy testimony.

“Dear folks. Last week I purchased some Sumi Balls from you to put in our Hot Tub. We do not use harsh chemicals (chlorine) in it so the water gets a little bit of a stale smell to it. Anyhow, I put the Sumi Balls in a bag (organza) and put it into the water Friday afternoon and when I got into the Hot Tub Sunday morning I immediately noticed that the water did not have any smell to it at all. This morning when my husband used it he also noticed the freshness of the water. So, I put some in my fish aquarium today!

Well the fish aquarium is another story but you can see how Sumi Balls can work for you Hot Tub odors, algae, cloudiness, and save you dollars not just in harsh chemicals, but also in replacing your expensive Hot Tub Cover.

Why not get some today? They come in a variety colors to coordinate with your Hot Tub. The next time you head for a relaxing hour in your Hot Tub you wont have to cringe when you remove your Hot Tub Cover and you wont have to try and ignore chemical odors, and even if its dark out you’ll know the water is clear and clean.

Imagine the Possibilities!