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Activated Charcoal Powder-Bituminous Coal-325 mesh - 55 lb sack

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PAC-325 Powder Activated Carbon is widely used in contaminated soil applications. It effectively neutralizes chemical spills, and excessive herbicide, pesticide, and fertilizer applications. Widely used on golf courses. Also used to help MELT SNOWon golf courses in spring.


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PAC-325 Powder Activated Carbon effectively decontaminates toxic soils to provide a safe environment for new or existing root systems.

Whether from over spraying herbicides/pesticides, over applications of fertilizers, chemical spills, PAC-325 can dramatically adsorb a broad range of organic toxic compounds and speed up replanting schedules. It can also be applied as a protective barrier for plants surrounded by contaminated soils. Its ability to decontaminate soil is beneficial when replanting ornamentals, turfgrass or food crops where herbicides have been previously applied.

Its black color also soaks up heat to artificially warm the soil and minimize the effects of light frosts or to allow earlier seeding of an area.


Comes in 50 lb. sacks. Unused powder will last indefinitely when stored in tightly lidded containers.

MULTIPLE SACKS or PALLET ORDERS- please contact us for PRICE BREAKS & SHIPPING COSTS (308-665-1566)

See Technical Data

PAC-325 (CR325B) is a Powder Activated Carbon (PAC) charcoal made from high quality bituminous coal through carbonization and steam activation under stringent quality control. This product is NSF certified and meets or exceeds all food chemical codex, AWWA and ASTM Protocols.

  • High adsorption capacity and efficiency
  • Cost effective and economical to use
  • Highly developed pore structure

 Mesh size: Less than 100 mesh

                  Less than 200 mesh  95%
                  Less than 325 mesh  90%
 Iodine Number (mg/g)  900 minimum
 Moisture  8% maximum as packed
 Apparent Density (g/cc)  0.46 typical
 Bulk Density (lbs/ft3)  28 - 30 typical
 Tannin Value (mg/l)  < 300
 Phenol Value (g/l)  < 3.5

All test methods are per ASTM or AWWA protocol. NSF 61 Certified
Meets AWWA B600-96 Standard for PAC.

This information has been gathered from the manufacturer and/or test data, and is assumed to be accurate and reliable. only warrants that this product will meet the above described published specifications and makes no other warranties of any kind either expressed or implied including but not limited to fitness for a particular purpose or application. Buyer assumes all liability and risk that may arise from the use of this product.