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Bone Charcoal For Aquariums


"Thank you so much for helping me find bone animal carbon/charcoal for my aquarium. I had been buying it from an aquarium storehat had been in business for many years and the elderly lady that owned the store became sick and closed her bus warning. In order to buy fish from her, you had to use the bone animal charcoal onliness withouty. She sold it and told us that she got it from Scotland. She had fish that were over 20 years old that she displayed in a large tank in the store. She had nearly 100 tanks in the basement of her house that she ran the store out of. The place was called Hilltop Aquarium in Torrington, Connecticut. I have had the same fish for five years, so I really believe her system works. My tank is 30 gallons, I clean the filter every 2 weeks, putting the same charcoal in a bowl, that I run under cold water, stirring with my hand until the water runs clear and I put it back into the filter. I do monthly water changes taking 20% of the water out from the bottom of my tank with a syphon to remove debris while I do that. Finally, every 2 months I replace the charcoal and the mesh bag with new ones, and I clean the new charcoal the same way as I mentioned above, in a shallow bowl under water until it runs clear.

I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciated finding your Bone Char that matches what I had exactly used in my aquarium that I purchased from an aquarium expert that had fish live for over 2 decades--she said [some of her] her fish were 26 years old. All she told us was that she bought the charcoal/carbon from Scotland but I couldn't find it until I found your website. I think you should consider offering this under your aqarium section calling it bone animal based. Many of the customers from my area are searching for this and can't find it anywhere, she told us to search "bone animal carbon or bone animal charcoal" you may get more sales and I know that you will get many more grateful customers!!!!
Thank you so much again, I really appreciated the help you gave me, take care."
April 2013