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Allerair Purifier Testimonies

Carbon Air Purifiers Work!

"AllerAir air cleaners are the best on the market."
After buying a Honeywell air cleaner, I did some research and found out that it has nearly twice the power consumption of an Allerair 4000. I wondered why the company doesn't widely publicize the power consumption of its units. I read about the Allerair 4000 and figured that I could save much more money in the long run. After receiving the Allerair 4000, I discovered that it not only uses less power than my Honeywell, but is also more powerful and effective! The air coming out of the unit smells crisper and fresher than with my Honeywell and the electric meter turns at a slower rate. I wish I knew about Allerair cleaners before wasting my money on a Honeywell air cleaner. There's no reason for me to doubt that Allerair air cleaners are the best on the market.


"So, yes overall we are extremely pleased with the units and have no problems recommending them to others."
Yes we have two of the AllerAir units. We use the units in an in vitro fertilization program and need to filter out biological, particular, and odors (air born organics). We routinely test the lab for biological contaminates (bacteria) using culture techniques, and particulate materials by microscopy examination. While we do not test for air borne organics per se, their effect on culture of our embryos would be readily apparent if there was a problem. Since we started using the units we have had no problems with air borne interference with culture and have had no positive tests for bacterial contaminates. While we still have minor dust problems (Which comes from our house air supply) they have been greatly reduced by having the freestanding filtration units in the room (I would estimate about an 80-90% reduction). So, yes overall we are extremely pleased with the units and have no problems recommending them to others. Please feel free to ask any questions you think we can help with.
Dr. Sam


"We would highly recommend these units to anyone with children in their charge."
When we decided to improve the air quality in our day center, we purchased an AllerAir air purifier on the advice of personnel at the Lung Association. There was such a major improvement in the health of the care giving personnel as well as the children at the center, the directors decided to buy 8 more units. (One for each class) We are more than completely satisfied with the results of these purifiers and would highly recommend these units to anyone with children in their charge. If you are interested in improving the health of the children and the productivity of your personnel at your center, call me for more information.

"He no longer needs to use his asthma inhaler..."
I have never written a letter like this before, but I was moved to do so after seeing the amazing difference your air purifier made in my life. I am a divorced Dad with three asthmatic children. Dust and pet allergies made my kids miserable when they came to stay at my place, and there was even talk of discontinuing visits because of the frequent sniffling and wheezing. I thought an air purifier might help and after much reading on the Internet, I chose an AllerAir model 6000 exec. After only one night with the unit in his room, my youngest son woke up without the usual complaints, and now he looks forward to his visits at my place instead of dreading them. He no longer needs to use his asthma inhaler when he visits either! The mother of a friend of mine, hearing of my success with the AllerAir unit, asked if I thought an air purifier might help with her chronic cough. I lent her mine for a couple of nights and now she too is a satisfied owner of an AllerAir purifier. She told me it allows her to sleep through the night without the usual coughing which in turn allows her to be more relaxed and alert during the day. I was also impressed with the genuine concern expressed by your agent when I called with questions. I felt that I was dealing with people who actually believed in the product that they sold; a rare experience these days.

"...very helpful customer service representatives at AllerAir..."
We live in an older apartment building where the activities of our neighbors seep through our walls. One weekend 6 apartments had to evacuate because of toxic fumes from another apartment's renovation. We were able to return to our apartment within a few days because we could detox it quickly using our AllerAir system. Our neighborhood also has a skunk problem, and when the odor starts to get in the house we turn our unit up to turbo setting and it removes the odor very quickly. At other times, we simply leave the unit on low, and the sound is almost unnoticeable. We had purchased am expensive competitor's unit for my daughter's bedroom a year before we bought one from AllerAir. Even though her allergies bother her at night my daughter hates to use the other unit because it is so noisy, and we have never thought it works as well as Allerair’s. My friend, who is another satisfied user, and I look forward to calling the very helpful customer service representatives who always seem more interested in helping the customer, and providing clear information, than trying to make a sale. We recommend the AllerAir air purifier wholeheartedly.

"...a product that lives up to the expectations generated from your advertising."
Several months ago I started looking for an air purifier. I used the Internet for most of my information and I spent several nights reviewing the options. Several companies and organizations were represented on many web sites but yours was, without question the most complete. One of the issues that caused me to replace the unit I had was noise level. Although the old unit was listed as "extremely quiet" it did, in fact, interfere with my enjoyment of music. I did not consider turning it off as a valid option. You may not be the only company that publishes its noise level (in decibels) but you were the only one I found. I talked to your representative and I was impressed with your company's willingness to share information. About a month ago I received the AllerAir 4000 that I had ordered and it certainly lives up to its billing. It is extremely quiet, attractive and quite obviously sturdy. Thank you for producing a product that lives up to the expectations generated from your advertising. I know that it's quiet and I assume that bad little things are getting trapped inside. If I ever need another purifier I will certainly put you on top of my list.

"My family feels so much better..."
This is the only filter I have ever tolerated! My family feels so much better now that we have the two MCS air filters in our home.

"...a practical, efficient machine. "
Just wanted to tell you how much I like my Model 6000 Air Purifier. I had done quite a bit of research about different brands before I bought my machine, so I knew I was getting a very good product. What really surprises and pleases me is how quiet it is! Thank you for making such a practical, efficient machine.
S. D.
Nova Scotia

"I've been on allergy medication for years..."
I've been on allergy medication for years and nothing was working. My doctor recommended AllerAir so I purchased an air purifier for my office. I used to start coughing every afternoon and I always had a tissue for my runny nose and cough drops in my desk. With the AllerAir unit I no longer have any of those symptoms. I purchased two for my home and now wake up with a clear nose. My husband says that I don't snore as loudly either. We purchased one for my mother-in-law who has suffered from asthma for years and guess what? Her asthma is gone! AllerAir has definitely improved our quality of life!

"I love the look..."
I’m so pleased with the AllerAir Model AirMedic MCS unit. I love the look, and I could tell the difference in just one night. It runs really quiet and we have it on high. It’s great that it is on wheels. I would highly recommend this unit to anyone. I have asthma and Multiple Chemical Sensitivity. I think that this is the best unit we have purchased. Thanks again and P.S. I love the color!
M. T. and K. T.
New York

" perfectly in my decor."
My AllerAir quietly operates 24/7 keeping the air in my studio apartment clean and pure. For fragrances, smoke, or cooking odors, the Turbo setting will clean-up in a quick 3 minutes. I'm so thankful that you designed the air in-take on the bottom and the pure air out-go on top of the side of the unit. That puts the clean air right in my seated breathing space. On a visual note, the baked-on color options of the cylinder make it fit perfectly in my decor. And my AllerAir is the perfect height to unobtrusively function as an end table with my round tray on top. I love my AllerAir! Thanks!

"...air quality has improved immensely..."
I am writing to inform you of how satisfied I am with the air filter system that your company sold to Duffy’s Bar. The air quality has improved immensely and our clients have mentioned that there is a noticeable difference. Thank you, again.
Brant – Owner

"...a real improvement in her allergies..."
We are certainly enjoying the 5000 D Air Purifier. We are using it both in the studio and the bedroom. My wife is noticing a real improvement in her allergies, especially in the morning. Thanks so much for all your help.

"He's off all medications..."
We would like to thank AllerAir for our 5000 Exec. UV model! Our son had been sick for 4 months and on a Nebulizer twice a day when we decided to get an air purifier. We did a lot of research and found AllerAir to have the best product and best prices. After putting the unit in our son's room, which was so easy just take it out of the box and plug it in he has made a 100% recovery! He's off all medications and is not wheezing at all anymore. He sleeps through the night now, he is a much happier kid, and that makes us much happier parents! :-) Besides the air purifier working to filter out all the bad stuff it works to make white noise which is what we think helps make him sleep better as well. We have recommended this unit to our neighbor who also has bad allergies and to many other people. You have done a great job with this product! Keep up the good work!
Heather, Jason & Colby too :-)

" health has improved considerably."
Since purchasing an AllerAir air filter, my health has improved considerably. I noticed that the air quality in my home was much better right after I received the unit, and the wonderful health benefits followed shortly.

"I won't leave home without my air cleaner!"
I wish to convey to you how very much I like your air cleaner! It runs constantly in my bedroom, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, on the highest speed. We have a fairly large room with a twelve foot ceiling and an adjoining bathroom. This area is my sanctuary from all the pollutants in the air. In the year that I have had my AllerAir cleaner, it has made every overnight trip with me. I might leave home overnight without my Visa or MasterCard, but I won't leave home without my air cleaner!

"...helped my condition immensely."
I am writing to let you know that the air purifier I purchased from you has helped my condition immensely. I have fewer problems with wheezing and rarely cough at night. As a chronic asthmatic this is definitely an improvement. It's nice to wake up not feeling tired and congested!
Barbara RN


"...keeps the room cleaner..."
I was very pleased to receive the collection of articles and specifications about your air cleaners. It will prove to be a great resource for interested patients and I thank you very much for following through. I have the new AllerAir unit in the office. It runs while I conduct the classes and not only keeps the room cleaner for patients, but lets them witness it in action. We look forward to receiving the different samples of components of the air cleaner for anyone needing tolerance testing. Thank you again for helping me to broaden my knowledge in this important health-related area.

"No longer do I wake up in the morning with a stuffy head, pounding headache or runny nose."
Just wanted to let you know that I am very happy with the unit that I purchased from you. I have chronic sinusitus and have tried a lot of different air cleaners but yours is the best. No longer do I wake up in the morning with a stuffy head, pounding headache or runny nose. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!! You have a fine product that I’d recommend to anyone!

"Now I wake up feeling refreshed."
Before purchasing your air cleaner, I was taking prescription allergy medication at bedtime to relieve sinus drainage. Since operating your Model 4000 at night with the bedroom doors closed, I have found that I can forego the medication entirely. The air must be so free of dust mite allergens that I can sleep better without the drug. Now I wake up feeling refreshed. Thank you!

"...the mold spore concentration dropped substantially. "
Upon using the 5000 Pro Exec on a mold remediation claim, our readings showed the mold spore concentration dropped substantially. Our initial tests showed mold concentration levels of 53,655 spores/m3 before any mold remediation attempts were made. Once the mold remediation was started and the 5000 Pro Exec machine ran for approximately 36 hours, a second test showed mold concentration levels had dropped to 1,641 spore/m3. We found the machine very successful in decreasing mold counts and would not hesitate to recommend this machine for such mold remediation projects. Our company (Servicemaster) will continue to use the 5000 Pro Exec on similar jobs in the future.
Jim - General Manager


"Thanks again for a great product."
You bragged about your air cleaner and you were right. We recently purchased a solvent printer. The fumes were driving us crazy. We have four-inch and eight-inch exhaust systems. We bought your unit and it’s like magic. It is currently running on the lowest speed with our exhaust fans off and it does a beautiful job. I would not have believed it. That’s why I’m writing this. Thanks again for a great product.


"...the fatigue that they were experiencing were greatly reduced."
When our organization opened our office in the old GE plant, in Berrie, the air quality in the building was very poor. There was little air circulation and our staff was experiencing headaches, fatigue and various other discomforts related to the air quality. We definitely needed to find a solution to this serious problem. After examining a few different options, we tried AllerAir air purifier. After having the unit in the office for a couple of weeks we definitely noticed a difference in the air quality. The staff indicated that the headaches and the fatigue that they were experiencing were greatly reduced. I would recommend the use of this purifier to anyone who is experiencing the same problems in air quality.
Kathy - Executive Director


"The two air purifiers I bought from you were a lifesaver."
The two air purifiers I bought from you were a lifesaver. I had just moved into a place that had been freshly painted and recarpeted, and the off gassing was destroying my respiratory system and health. When the units arrived, I cranked them up, and I remember going to bed that night breathing the freshest air you can imagine, right in my freshly painted / carpeted bedroom. You have a great product. My eyes thank you, my nostrils thank you, my lungs thank you, my throat thanks you!!!!
G. B.


"...have provided me with a clear improvement in my quality of life."
I am delighted with both your MCS and Vocarb air purifiers. I acquired MCS from an overexposure to formaldehyde so I must be careful to avoid the off gassing of common products in addition to typical airborne particulate matter. Your machines have provided me with a clear improvement in my quality of life. I have tried other purifiers, but I have found your products to be superior. The sealed, varnish-free motors and non-toxic components make a great difference. The fact that the prefilters can be easily— and inexpensively— replaced gives me added peace of mind. My little daughter has also benefited from AllerAir products. Her chronic respiratory and ENT problems have decreased in both frequency and severity.

"I bought it for smoke control and was very impressed..."
"I have owned my 5000 DS for about 2 years. I bought it for smoke control and was very impressed—it really did a nice job of keeping the air clean. It is also very effective in keeping other odors away. I use it the room where I keep my two dogs. Wow what a difference it makes! I would definitely recommend this to anyone who likes clean air!"