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Zorflex ACC Wound Dressings

Quick Overview

Zorflex® is a triple action Activated Carbon Cloth (ACC) wound dressing that combats microbes and odor, and helps accelerate wound healing. Comes in 3 sizes.


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Zorflex® wound dressing is an Activated Carbon Cloth (ACC) that uses a triple action to combat microbes and odor, and helps accelerate wound healing. It comes in three sizes.

  1. Antimicrobial action uses electrostatic forces to draw, trap and destroy microbes and adsorb endotoxins.
  2. Conductivity restores the body’s natural transepithelial potential, aiding healing.
  3. Odor management by adsorbing odor molecules and combating odor-causing microbes.

Zorflex® Wound Dressing is one of the most advanced and cost effective wound management products in today’s healthcare market. Zorflex® Wound Dressing is a unique carbon wound dressing which promotes accelerated wound healing by incorporating a layer activated carbon cloth to provide rapid wound cleansing and infection control without the need for antibiotics. As a sterile flexible dressing it conforms easily to the body, and may be applied directly to an open wound with no tissue incompatibility.

Zorflex® Wound Dressing can be used on a variety of wound types as a primary wound dressing for all infected and discharging venous and arterial ulcers, pressure sores, biopsy sites, exuding dermatoses, fistulae and minor burns.

As a second dressing Zorflex® Wound Dressing can be used for the control of malodour commonly associated with fungating carcinomas and gangrene.

Without the need to be used in conjunction with other products, trials have shown that Zorflex® Wound Dressing can promote more rapid, stress free wound healing, and save on nursing time – therefore allowing significant cost savings.

The wound facing material can be placed directly on the wound and due to it’s low adherent properties allow removal without trauma, reducing destruction of newly formed tissue.

The layer of Zorflex® activated carbon cloth effectively adsorbs odours and will retain bacteria brought into the dressing by exudate.

The whole dressing will adsorb it’s own weight in exudate. Using Carbosorb means one product will effectively promote healing due to its ability to:

  • Reduce infection.
  • Adsorb exudate.
  • Eliminate odour.
  • Reduce dressing changes.
  • Minimize patient stress.


Zorflex® Wound Dressing dressings are sterilized at NLT 2.5 Mrad (NLT 25KGy) using Cobalt 60 Gamma Irradiation, in accordance with world-wide recommendations for sterilization of single use medical devices.


Each Zorflex® Wound Dressing is pouched individually in high quality printed or plain paper/clear plastic peelable pouches. They can be supplied in boxes of 10 or bulk packed.