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Beaded Activated Charcoal .7 mm

Quick Overview

For water treatment, exhaust gas, water purification, clean room air filter, chemical filter.


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1 Pint Jar (9oz) ($54.00)
1 Quart Jar (19oz) ($101.25)
2 Quart Jar (2.5lbs) ($185.63)
1 Gallon Jar (4.5lbs) ($328.05)
2 Gallon Pail (9lbs) ($643.95)
5 Gallon Pail (20lbs) ($1404.00)


Charcoal House is excited to announce our new, precision engineered FireBrand™ Activated Charcoal Beads that are spherical, very pure, and made entirely without binding agents. This extremely clean activated carbon bead offers unique features in addition to its original adsorption capacity.

Main Usages or Applications

  • Water treatment
  • Exhaust gas, water purification
  • Clean room air filter, chemical filter

Six features of Activated Carbon Beads

  1. High-fill capability
    Due to the unique spherical shape and high bulk density, AC Beads is able to achieve high fill density compared to Granular Activated Carbons in the same volume capacity. It will allow you to fill a container or filter with considerably more charcoal than with its granular counterpart. This increased density will extend the life of the filter so you do not have to change it out as often.
  2. High Flowability
    The carbon beads’ spherical shape allows for a high flow rate without a concern for pressure drops. Both air and liquid move freely through the charcoal beads. This allows for complete contact with the entire surface of the beads. Due to the high flowability by the spherical shape, AC Beads reaches all areas of a complex or unusal shaped container.
  3. Low carbon dust
    BAC generates less carbon dust due to the bead formation process that does not use binder.
  4. High purity
    High purity prevents contamination of your product.
  5. High strength, high wear resistance
    High strength and high wear resistance prevent carbon contamination from AC Beads.
  6. Ash Content - FireBrand™ AC Beads have less ash content and are considered one of the cleanest carbons available on the market. A low level ash content insures less contamination in your final product.
  7. Narrow particle size distribution
    Grades are set by average particle size, providing consistent quality.

The six features are ensured by the proprietary production process.

  • BAC is produced under an integrated process from raw material pitch.
  • BAC uses raw material pitch with low metal impurities
  • Beads are formed without any binder
  • Uniform infusion and activation process on fluidized bed contribute to the consistent quality.


  • BAC .7mm - Average Particle Size: 0.70mm ≤
  • BAC .5mm - Average Particle Size: 0.50mm ± 0.05mm



  Fill Density

Approx. 0.6g/ml

  Specific Surface Area*

1,100 – 1,300 m2/g


95% or higher

  Reduction on Drying

5% or less

  Iodine Adsorption Capacity




  Phenol Value

60 or less


<.05% ppm