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R5 10" Refillable Filters

Quick Overview

10" R5 Refillable Water Filter Housing. This filter housing can be reused up to 25 times.


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Empty ($9.98)
Chlorine Removal ($15.98)
Chloramine Removal ($16.98)
Well Water ($15.98)
Fluoride & Heavy Metal Removal ($17.98)
Discoloration Removal ($15.98)
Sulfur Odor/Taste Removal ($16.98)


10" R5 Refillable Water Filter Housing (Empty)

This filter housing can be reused up to 25 times.

Also pre-filled with:

  • Firebrand™ Coconut GAC 12x30 AW - for chlorine removal
  • Firebrand™ Catalytic GAC 20x50 - for chloramine removal
  • Firebrand™ Wood-based GAC 8x16 - for well water
  • Firebrand™ Bonechar GAC 8x24 - for Fluoride and Heavy Metal removal
  • Firebrand™ Anthracite GAC 4x10 - for Discoloration removal
  • Firebrand™ Catalytic GAC 12x40 - for Sulfur Odor/Taste removal

To refill, simply unscrew bottom, remove used media and replace with new media.

When refilling canister leave approximately 2" empty to allow for better percolation of water through filter media.

Holds approximately 10 ozs. of Granular Activated Charcoal.