Technical Data: NORIT A SUPRA - USP

NORIT A SUPRA USP is a fine, high quality, Powder Activated Charcoal (PAC). It is a medicinal, steam activated charcoal of 100% natural origin and has been processed to meet the purification standards required for medical use. NORIT A SUPRA USP is used as an antidote in case of poisoning or as an adsorbent for the purification of pharmaceutical products. This product is USP certified and meets or exceeds all Food Chemical Codex. ISO 9001:2008 
  • High adsorption capacity and efficiency
  • USP Certified
  • Highly developed pore structure

 Particle size

    10 microns  4
    50 microns  20
    90 microns  100
 Total Surface Area  minimum 1700 m2/g
 Iodine Number (mg/g)  1550 minimum
 Molasses number  430
 Moisture  10% maximum as packed
 Apparent Density (g/cc)  0.42 typical
 Total Ash  2%
 Acid Soluble Ash  1% typical
 Heavy Metals  .005 % max.
 pH  neutral

Test methods are per latest USP protocol.

This information has been gathered from the manufacturer and is assumed to be accurate and reliable.

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