Books About Medicinal Charcoal
The Complete Handbook of Medicinal Charcoal and Its Applications
Author: John Dinsley - The complete What, When, Where, How-to-book of medicinal charcoal, with over 150 stories from healthcare workers and laymen around the world who have found charcoal to be one amazing super natural remedy. AWARD: Honorable Mention - "Most Progressive Health Book" (2006 Independent Publisher Book Awards) - 304 pages.
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Activated Charcoal by David CooneyActivated Charcoal by David CooneyAuthor: David Cooney PhD (Chemical Engineering, University Wyoming) - a short history and technical review of activated charcoal in medical applications. (80 pages)
The Ministry of HealingThe Ministry of Healing
Author: E.G. White - Health and happiness go hand in hand. Never has it been more important to understand the physical and spiritual laws of health than today when stress, mental illness, heart disease, AIDS, cancer, and other diseases are ravaging our society. Is there a better way to live? Did God place within nature itself the secrets to long life and peace of mind? (224 pages)
Life Renewing Water Treatments - Effective Hydrotherapy for the WorldLife Renewing Water Treatments - Effective Hydrotherapy for the WorldThis book teaches simple hydrotherapy treatments for a range of different health issues. The equipment is generally what can be found in every home. Full-color photo illustrations make the various treatments easily understood. The treatments are both inexpensive and simple to give, and highly effective when combined with common home nursing practices. Also includes a chapter on activated charcoal poultices.
The Biochar RevolutionThe Biochar Revolution"The Biochar Revolution" will inform you as it inspires you with the latest information from 18 biochar experts and authors - how to make biochar, test and use biochar, how to change the world with biochar, how to benefit financially from biochar, and, not last or least, how to garden and farm with biochar.
Purification of Wilderness Waters - A Practical GuidePurification of Wilderness Waters - A Practical GuideThis book discusses the range of protozoa, bacteria, and viruses found in wilderness waters and the various methods for dealing with them, such as boiling, activated charcoal, microfiltration, disinfection, or some combination used in popular charcoal water filters or water bottles.
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