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Katadyn MyBOTTLE Purifier BottleKatadyn MyBOTTLE Purifier BottleKatadyn MyBottle Purifier Bottle - the practical drinking bottle with an Activated Charcoal water filter. The MyBottle is a convenient alternative to pump-style purifiers. No hassle over unpacking, assembling, pumping and separate containers; just fill up your bottle with water.
Katadyn MyBOTTLE Microfilter BottleKatadyn MyBOTTLE Microfilter BottleKatadyn MyBottle Microfilter Bottle - the practical drinking bottle with an Activated Charcoal water filter. Meets EPA standards for removal of Giardia and bacteria
Katadyn VARIO® Water FilterKatadyn VARIO® Water FilterKatadyn Vario Water Filter with Adjustable Water Flow for All Conditions. As the first truly new water filter to be introduced in the past 10 years, the Vario will turn heads with its unique features and technology. It is the best choice for making safe drinking water in a variety of conditions.
Katadyn COMBI Water FilterKatadyn COMBI Water FilterThe Katadyn Combi combines a silver impregnated ceramic element and a refillable, activated carbon cartridge. It is effective against bacteria and protozoa and also reduces chemicals and bad taste. With the optional Faucet Mount Adapter the Combi can be connected to a water faucet for multifunctional use in campers, cottages or boats. Includes: Prefilter, bottle adapter and carry bag
Katadyn COMBI Faucet Mount AdapterKatadyn COMBI Faucet Mount AdapterWith the optional Faucet Mount Adapter the Katadyn Combi can be connected to a water faucet for multifunctional use in campers, cottages or boats.
Katadyn GRAVIDYN Drip Water Filtration SystemKatadyn GRAVIDYN Drip Water Filtration SystemFree-standing gravity filter with 3 ceramic/carbon filters for additional chemical reduction and improvement of taste and a 10 liter water container for large quantities of water. Filters without effort. Practical filter with high water performance. For 1-6 people and long term use - for example in camps, huts, on construction sites.
Katadyn MyBOTTLE Cyst FilterKatadyn MyBOTTLE Cyst Filter2 - Replacement Cyst Filters for: Katadyn Water Bottles - Exstream and MyBottle
Katadyn GRAVIDYN Replacement Filter CartridgeKatadyn GRAVIDYN Replacement Filter Cartridge
Katadyn MyBOTTLE ViruStat Replacement FilterKatadyn MyBOTTLE ViruStat Replacement Filter1 - Virustat Replacement Kit for: Katadyn Exstream® Water Bottle
Katadyn MICRO® Replacement CartridgeKatadyn MICRO® Replacement Cartridge1 - Replacement Cartridge for: Katadyn Micro® Water Filter Purifier. Meets EPA standards for removal of Giardia and bacteria.
Katadyn COMBI Replacement Micro FilterKatadyn COMBI Replacement Micro FilterCOMBI Replacement Ceramic Micro Filter
Katadyn HIKER Filter ReplacementKatadyn HIKER Filter Replacement
Katadyn VARIO® Water Filter Activated Charcoal 2 Packet SetKatadyn VARIO® Water Filter Activated Charcoal 2 Packet Set2 Replacement Activated Charcoal Packets for: Katadyn Vario Water Filter. Total surface area - minimum 1200 m2/gm
Katadyn COMBI Activated Charcoal 2 Packet SetKatadyn COMBI Activated Charcoal 2 Packet SetKatadyn COMBI Replacement Activated Carbon Packets - 2
Katadyn Micropur MP1 Purification Tablets Pkg of 20Katadyn Micropur MP1 Purification Tablets Pkg of 20
Granular Activated Charcoal 8x16 meshGranular Activated Charcoal 8x16 meshGranular Activated Charcoal (GAC) made from coconut shell. Larger granules. This hard highly adsoptive charcoal is used in wide variety of air & water filters in numerous applications.
Granular Activated Charcoal 12x30 mesh AWGranular Activated Charcoal 12x30 mesh AWGranular Activated Charcoal (GAC) made from coconut shell. ACID WASHED for extra purity. This hard highly adsoptive charcoal is very effective in both water and air filters in numerous applications. It is recommended for kidney dialysis carbon units. It can also be placed in free-flow containers to adsorb offensive or poisonous odors. Smaller granule size.

"I was first introduced to the amazing power of charcoal to clean and deodorize foul water thirty years ago while working in Puerto Rico. This was just about the time activated charcoal home water filters were starting to become more and more popular. When doing development in Nepal years later I saw how versatile and portable water filters were becoming as different companies were experimenting with different products. So the following year when I went to work in the Republic of Kiribati I included a  PUR Hiker Water Filter (now Katadyn Hiker) in my luggage. I had no idea how those remote island waters could be so contaminated. While I did end up with life-threatening Strep skin infections, I never had any real Gastro-Intestinal problems. Why? Because all my/our drinking water was filtered through my personal PUR Hiker water filter. When I go again the next time, I will be sure to take along a larger water filter that will work for a larger group. 

But should we wait until we go overseas? What if some unforseen calamity comes right to our own neighborhood - like a hurricane, flooding or a wide spread black out? Good sense, common sense says we should have a ready source of clean water on hand or, second best, a quality water filter that incorporates the cleansing powers of activated charcoal to provide us with palatable and germ free water. We will eventually include plans on how to build a simple water filter following a design used by the US Calvery beginning in the early 1800's. In the meantime, for the same good reasons you already have a fire alarm and fire extinguisher in your home, you should also have an Emergency Preparedness Kit that includes activated charcoal for medicinal use and a quality activated charcoal water filter."
john dinsley (President - BuyActivatedCharcoal.com) 

BuyActivatedCharcoal.com, in line with its aim to promote the many different functions of activated charcoal, has chosen to feature select Katadyn products that specifically incorporate activate charcoal. The range of products, both recreational and domestic, may increase with customer interest.

Since 1928, Katadyn has produced safe drinking water solutions. These Swiss quality products are used globally by health and relief organizations, militaries, ocean voyagers, travelers and outdoor adventurers. No other water systems provide higher quality or longer lasting performance. Whether for recreation or emergencies, more people want a back-up source for safe drinking water. Katadyn has a complete selection including compact pumps, gravity systems, and sport bottles.

Katadyn remains the #1 selling brand. With over 50% of U.S. unit sales (Leisure Trends 2007), Katadyn is the consumers’ favorite. Products evolve, yet one thing is consistent: outdoor enthusiasts trust Katadyn and recommend Katadyn products to their friends.
Katadyn systems do more than remove microorganisms. Utilizing the super natural purifying properties of activated charcoal, Katadyn products clean water by removing dirt and particles, reduce chemicals, improve taste, and are dependable in almost any water condition. “Pen” devices are most suitable for clear water and do not make water cleaner. Katadyn's reputation is built on well engineered products, extensive field testing, and a proven history backed up with reliable data that verifies product performance.

“An important aspect of climbing in high altitude is staying hydrated. Katadyn products have kept me healthy on the approach, and at base camp, on many expeditions.”
Conrad Anker, High Altitude Climber

“I’ve had my Hiker for several years now and I’m impressed with it. Water tastes and looks great, and it’s simple, strong and easy to use.”

“The best in this bunch. So hassle free, it makes filtering second nature.”
Backpacker Magazine (reporting on the Hiker)
“I’d just dip my bottle in a creek and drink, barely breaking stride...”
Backpacker Magazine (on Exstream water bottle purifiers)

Understand the risks. Microorganisms are the primary threat in untreated water sources. They may be in any lake, river or stream, even if the water looks clean. Microorganisms generally come from animal or human waste and may be spread by rain and run-off. Since you never know what’s in the water, it makes sense to always protect yourself with a quality water system, one that also utilizes the  purifying properties of activated charcoal.




.018 micron+

Viruses are the least common microorganism in outdoor water, however they can also be quite dangerous. They are typically too small to be removed by a water filter.

Example Polio, Hepatitis A, Norwalk Virus



0.2 microns +

Bacteria is a common threat in untreated water. Most quality water microfilters remove bacteria from outdoor water.

Example: E. Coli, Salmonella




1 micron+

Protozoan cysts are present in most water sources. Their relatively large size makes them easy to filter but their protective shell resists iodine and chlorine treatment.

Example: Giardia, Cryptosporidium

+ By way of comparison, the width of a human hair is approximately 80-100 microns

Endurance Series

Endurance Series products offer ultimate reliability and durability. Highest quality construction allows use in extreme conditions. These products offer maximum water capacity and produce up to 100 times more water than standard water filters. Often used for expeditions and by professionals.

Backcountry Series

Backcountry Series products are ideal for camping, backpacking and trekking. They are lightweight, compact and the easiest way to make safe water. Backcountry Series products are the favorite choice for all-around use.

Ultralight Series

Ultralight Series products are the lightest water systems available. They are designed for solo use or when ultra-lightweight is a primary concern. An excellent choice for travel, day hikes, paddling and biking.

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