Ear Infections

Earaches often stem from infections that can lead to much worse problems. Activated charcoal is an effective treatment for ear infection, and a safe alternative to antibiotics and drainage tubes. Many medicines for earache are actually ineffective. Years ago, the New England Journal of Medicine (February 10, 1983 issue) reported that a three-year study of decongestants and antihistamines commonly prescribed by ear specialists showed that they were no more effective than doing nothing at all. Putting tubes in a child's ears is hardly a pleasing alternative.  

Ear Infection

Novel serves as mother, department head, counselor, and singer. She is also a “private” nurse. “My first experience with the healing properties of charcoal happened when my infant daughter had an ear infection. Initially I took her to the doctor for the usual treatment. He put her on a penicillin-family derivative and her ear infection cleared up.

"However, after a few weeks the infection returned. When I mentioned this to a girlfriend, she suggested to me that putting a watery paste made from activated charcoal, into my daughter’s ear might very well clear up the infection without resorting to several doses of antibiotics. My girlfriend came over to my home and demonstrated how to make the thin paste. Using an eyedropper, we carefully dribbled it into my daughter’s sore ear. The ear infection soon cleared up and never returned. I took my daughter back to the doctor for a final check to be sure everything was clear inside. He assured me that there was no longer any infection.” Novel told the doctor about the treatment she had done and he was supportive. CharcoalRemedies.com page 134

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