Activated Charcoal Products for Health and Beauty
Activated Charcoal for a Healthier Complexion & Whiter Teeth

Activated Charcoal Health & Beauty Products

Super Natural! Moisturizing Charcoal SoapSuper Natural! Moisturizing Charcoal SoapA favorite with those with very sensitive and dry skin.  Made with coconut shell activated charcoal. Lusciously moisturizing. 

Bamboo Charcoal Soap - Goat's Milk UNSCENTED & 100% ORGANIC!Bamboo Charcoal Soap - Goat's Milk UNSCENTED & 100% ORGANIC!
Bamboo Charcoal and Goat's Milk Organic Soap. A hefty 5 oz naturally deodorizing bar that is unscented, hypoallergenic, long lasting and very moisturizing.  Our signature soap.
Charcoal ToothbrushCharcoal Toothbrush
Four Colors
Pink, Blue, Green, Orange
My Magic Mud - Charcoal Tooth PowderMy Magic Mud - Charcoal Tooth Powder
Activated Charcoal Tooth Powder

Activated charcoal toothpowder, an old fashioned remedy that really delivers amazing results!
Organic Charcoal Toothpaste (Cinnamon & Clove)Organic Charcoal Toothpaste (Cinnamon & Clove)
Organic Charcoal Toothpaste by Lucky Teeth
Organic charcoal toothpaste, with cinnamon and clove for a pearly white smile.
Lavender Mint Charcoal & Cambrian Blue Clay SoapLavender Mint Charcoal & Cambrian Blue Clay Soap
An amazing detoxifying soap that is anti-fungal, anti-bacterial with essential minerals. Ideal for troubled skin.
Baa Baa Black Sheep Charcoal SoapBaa Baa Black Sheep Charcoal SoapA whimsical, 3 dimensional black sheep made with bamboo charcoal and organic coconut oil. UNSCENTED.
Mineral Rich Charcoal Soap With Lavender & Tea Tree OilMineral Rich Charcoal Soap With Lavender & Tea Tree Oil

Detoxifying and healing soap made with Dead Sea Clay, ideal for inflamatory skin conditions such as Psoriasis & eczema.
Psoriasis - Eczema Charcoal Soap - NEW!Psoriasis - Eczema Charcoal Soap - NEW!
Simple ingredients of activated charcoal powder and pure pine tar for quick relief.
Activated Charcoal Drawing CreamActivated Charcoal Drawing CreamExcellent for pulling out impurities, foreign objects, toxins and poisons. A non greasy cream. 'A little poultice jell in a jar!'

Charcoal Drawing Salve StickCharcoal Drawing Salve Stick
CharcoalRemedies fast acting activated charcaol drawing salve in a convenient and easy to you tube. For pocket or purse.
Activated Coconut Shell Charcoal Herbal Salve in a tin. Draws foreign matter or toxins from cuts or wounds. Traditional treatment for chronic skin problems. Promotes quicker healing. Be ready, keep one handy in medicine cabinet or handbag.
Mud Clay Scrub SoapMud Clay Scrub Soap
Super Natural Mud Scrub made with Rhassoul Mud Clay and a healing mix of herbs, tinctures, and organic moisturizing oils for a gentle, exfoliating, clean!
Black Sheep Soap - UNSCENTEDBlack Sheep Soap - UNSCENTED
An adorable Black Sheep molded soap made with Bamboo Activated Charcoal and organic coconut and palm oil.  Moisturizing and Detoxifying.  Unscented.
Black Sheep Soap - PeppermintBlack Sheep Soap - Peppermint
Adorable black sheep molded soap, made with Bamboo Activated Charcoal, organic coconut and palm oils and freshly scented with Peppermint Essential Oil. 

Rose Scented Charcoal & French Pink Clay SoapRose Scented Charcoal & French Pink Clay Soap
Gently scented rose soap swirled with French Pink Clay and High Activity Hardwood Charcoal.  Handmade, no two alike.
Peppermint Swirl Charcoal & French Clay SoapPeppermint Swirl Charcoal & French Clay Soap
Deeply detoxifying, cleansing, nourishing and yet amazingly moisturizing soap.
Charcoal Cameo SoapCharcoal Cameo Soap
Not just another pretty face, this soap can work!  Extremely moisturizing, cleansing and detoxifying, it is it handmade, very detailed, unscented with organic ingredients.
BAMBOO Activated Charcoal PowderBAMBOO Activated Charcoal Powder
A premium food grade Bamboo Charcoal that mixes easily in water. Used in Japanese pastries, and a favorite for making Bamboo Charcoal Soap.
COCONUT Shell Activated Charcoal Powder - ULTRA FINECOCONUT Shell Activated Charcoal Powder - ULTRA FINE
Food grade charcoal powder (Ultra Fine) made from coconut shell. Can be taken internally or used to make charcoal poultices, facial masks and skin cleansers. A favorite as there is virtually no grit, velvety smooth when mixed with water. It is also used in tooth powders.
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