Activated Charcoal Powder
Charcoal Powder
Charcoal House Brand activated charcoal powders are made from bamboo, coconut shell, and eastern hardwoods. ALL these charcoal powders are Food Grade and/or NSF certified. We also carry our own premium USP certified DETOX 1600™ made from coconut shell, which has a very high phenazone count (adsorption index). For Pets and Livestock there is the VetDtox™

Also available on this page are Flax Seed and Psyllium Seed Husk Powder for making Charcoal Poultices.

DETOX 1600 (USP certified) Activated Charcoal PowderDETOX 1600 (USP certified) Activated Charcoal PowderUSP, very high activity medicinal COCONUT shell charcoal powder specifically developed to be taken internally for the treatment of poisoning, drug overdose, food poisoning, severe diarrhea and vomiting.
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Activated Charcoal Powder (10oz.)Activated Charcoal Powder (10oz.)
Popular 1 Quart

A high quality activated charcoal powder made from HARDWOOD suitable for external applications in poultices, compresses and baths, for the treatment of infections, pain, and as a general detoxifier. Made in USA
HARDWOOD Activated Charcoal PowderHARDWOOD Activated Charcoal Powder
MEDIUM SURFACE AREA (1400 to 1800 m2/g) A high quality Food Grade activated charcoal powder suitable for external applications in poultices, compresses and baths, for the treatment of infections, pain, and as a general detoxifier.
COCONUT Shell Activated Charcoal PowderCOCONUT Shell Activated Charcoal Powder
Food grade charcoal powder (Ultra Fine) made from coconut shell. Can be taken internally or used to make charcoal poultices. A favorite as there is virtually no grit, velvety smooth when mixed with water. 
VetDtox™VetDtox™VetDtox™ is a high quality activated carbon used in animal feeds as an antidote for poisoning and to control diarrhea - e.g. as a result of food poisoning. Its source and specifications match very closely to Norit Veterinair® - used extensively in Europe. Added side benefit is its ability to help control animal odors.
BAMBOO Charcoal PowderBAMBOO Charcoal Powder
A premium food grade Bamboo Charcoal that mixes easily in water. Used in Japanese pastries and a favorite for making Bamboo Charcoal Soap.
Norit A SUPRA Activated Charcoal PowderNorit A SUPRA Activated Charcoal PowderFood Grade Activated Charcoal Powder made from 100% natural ingredients. Used in hospitals as poison antidote, or for drug overdose. SURFACE AREA - minimum 1700m2/gm SALE 25% OFF at checkout
Organic Flax Seed to make Charcoal JellyOrganic Flax Seed to make Charcoal Jelly
Food grade organic flax seed for making charcoal poultices.
Psyllium Husk Powder - ORGANICPsyllium Husk Powder - ORGANIC
Organic, food grade psyllium seed husk powder for making a charcoal poultice.

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