Charcoal Health & Beauty Aids
Activated Charcoal Products for Health and Beauty
Charcoal Cream
2 Tablespoons of activated charcoal in each jar
Charcoal Drawing Salve StickCharcoal Drawing Salve Stick
CharcoalRemedies fast acting activated charcaol drawing salve in a convenient and easy to you tube. For pocket or purse.
Activated Coconut Shell Charcoal Herbal Salve in a tin. Draws foreign matter or toxins from cuts or wounds. Traditional treatment for chronic skin problems. Promotes quicker healing. Be ready, keep one handy in medicine cabinet or handbag.
Activated Charcoal Drawing CreamActivated Charcoal Drawing CreamExcellent for pulling out impurities, foreign objects, toxins and poisons. A non greasy cream. 'A little poultice jell in a jar!'

MOIST+3 Facial Mask - NEW & Improved!MOIST+3 Facial Mask - NEW & Improved!No Parabens, No Sulphates!

A wonderfully convenient and natural way to relieve pain and tension in muscles. It is the first self-adhesive compress to use a charcoal poultice for natural, chemical free pain relief. Also effective for stings, bites, chemical irritants, and poison ivy. So easy to use!
Charcoal ToothpasteCharcoal ToothpasteNatural, convenient, easy to use, with snap on lid.
Charcoal ToothbrushCharcoal Toothbrush
Four Colors
Pink, Blue, Green, Orange
GREENFEET 3 Charcoal InsoleGREENFEET 3 Charcoal Insole
The perfect charcoal insole! Trim to your foot size.
Subtle ButtSubtle Butt5 Activated Charcoal Disposable Pads For Eliminating Embarassing Gas
FLAT-D PAD Disposable 10 packFLAT-D PAD Disposable 10 packThe Flatulence Deodorizer™ - Disposable is an activated charcoal cloth pad that is placed inside your undergarments. The activated charcoal cloth pad is thin (1/16 of an inch), comfortable and inconspicuous. Quickly and completely absorbs the unpleasant odors associated with flatus (bowel gas). Made from the same material used in military chemical attack suits.
FLAT-D PAD Deodorizer Oversize 6" x 12"FLAT-D PAD Deodorizer Oversize 6" x 12"The Flatulence Deodorizer™ - Oversized Pad for those who need extra protection! Made with activated charcoal cloth. The oversize pad is placed inside your undergarments. The activated charcoal cloth pad is thin (1/16 of an inch), comfortable, inconspicuous, washable and reusable. Quickly and completely absorbs the unpleasant odors associated with flatus (bowel gas). Made from the same material used in military chemical attack suits.
Fem-D Charcoal Feminine Pad ReusableFem-D Charcoal Feminine Pad ReusableAn Activated Charcoal feminine pad to place inside panties to eliminate embarrassing odors associated with flatulence, vaginal discharge and menstrual odors.  Reusable, washable, soft and comfortable. In most cases, last several weeks.

Incontinence Extra Large Charcoal PadIncontinence Extra Large Charcoal PadHighly effective Activated Charcoal Pad to be used with disposable incontinence pads.  Simply place incontinence pad on top of Activated Charcoal pad and never worry again about embarrassing odors due to urinary or fecal incontinence.  A must have for anyone who suffers from incontinence.

Colic Calm® Gripe WaterColic Calm® Gripe WaterNEW and Improved formula is concentrated so Baby needs half as much! An all-natural homeopathic remedy using pharmaceutical grade activated charcoal for the treatment of gas and colic in babies and young children. Colic Calm Gripe Water can also be used as a dietary supplement to help baby's digestive system adjust to new foods, relieve hiccups and soothe stomach upset that often results from increased saliva production during teething.
Super Natural! Moisturizing Charcoal SoapSuper Natural! Moisturizing Charcoal SoapA favorite with those with very sensitive and dry skin.  Made with coconut shell activated charcoal. Lusciously moisturizing. 

White Stallion SoapWhite Stallion Soap
A gorgeous soap for horse lovers! Detoxifying, moisturizing & unscented!
Goat's Milk Charcoal SoapGoat's Milk Charcoal Soap
Bamboo, Goat's Milk Charcoal Organic Soap. A hefty 5 oz naturally deodorizing bar that is unscented, hypoallergenic and very moisturizing. 
Mud Clay Scrub SoapMud Clay Scrub Soap
Super Natural Mud Scrub made with Rhassoul Mud Clay and a healing mix of herbs, tinctures, and organic moisturizing oils for a gentle, exfoliating, clean!
Black Sheep Soap - LicoriceBlack Sheep Soap - LicoriceAn adorable Licorice Scented Black Sheep molded soap made with Bamboo Activated Charcoal and organic coconut and palm oils. Moisturizing and detoxifying. Licorice scented, yum!
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