Aquarium activated carbon charcoal filters out everything you don't want your prized fish to drink and leaves everthing you want them to enjoy so you can enjoy them. It is the CLEAR difference.

AQUARIUM BLENDAQUARIUM BLENDGranular Activated Carbon for aquariums. Unique meso-pore size distribution removes colors (tannins), dyes, odors, medication (antibiotics), dissolved organics, heavy metals, chlorine, other toxic compounds.
AQUARIUM BONE CHARCOALAQUARIUM BONE CHARCOALAquarium Bone Charcoal (granular bone carbon) is a unique carbonaceous adsorbent manufactured from the treatment and carbonization of selected grades of animal bone and is used for liquid phase filtration to remove organic and inorganic species such as color bodies and many heavy metals. This coarse grade of Bone Charcoal is especially effective in AQUARIUMS and is NSF certified.
SUMIBALLS™ for AQUARIUMS & PONDSSUMIBALLS™ for AQUARIUMS & PONDS20% OFF ALL - AquaSumi™ Colorful Activated Charcoal Beads for Aquariums, Koi Fish Ponds, and Water Fountains.
Testimony - Bone CharcoalTestimony - Bone CharcoalBone Charcoal for Aquariums.
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