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Sumi - definition of (Wikipedia): "a word for a form of activated charcoal that is used in a wide range of applications, from grand-scale river clean-up to the purification of individual glasses of drinking water using little sumi “tea-bags”. Domestic use of sumi has become increasingly popular in Japan owing to its remarkable properties, including bacteria reduction, improved ionization (air purification), and high levels of liquid and gas permeability. Popular applications include floristry (reducing algae in vases), gardening (as a slow release for water and nutrients), home air purification (absorbing bad smells), and in fish tanks (reducing the risk of rot in aquatic plants & fish)."
  • Size: about the size of an English Pea
  • Five colors: Pastel Blue, Charcoal Black, Natural Brown, Chalk White, Terracota Red
Sumi Balls make an ideal growing medium for stronger plants and flowers

House Plants


Use your Sumi Balls as an organic soil replacer, just like a general purpose compost or soil conditioner; instead of soil, mixed with soil or as a topping for soil. Simply add water and liquid plant food, and listen to the activated Sumi charcoal fizz as it soaks up the benefits for slow release direct to the roots. SumiSoil can absorb over 75% of its own volume in water!

Sumi Balls are great for promoting healthy house plants; as a soil-replacer, Sumi Balls will add around 30% extra growing space, increase oxygenation, sweeten the soil and control the bacteria that lead to disease and infection in plants. Sumi Balls are clean and easy to handle, and you can even grow your plants in pots without drainage to reduce mess and mud in your home.

Patio Planters

Your Sumi Balls will make an attractive display of pot plants - indoors, outdoors and in conservatories - while controlling acidity and improving oxygenation. Sumi Balls are perfect for use in patio planters, as a topping, soil replacer or soil additive.

Well-drained planters dry out quickly, and completely lose even the most carefully balanced nutrients in a matter of weeks, flushed out through the drainage holes. This can leave only dry barren soil, but by using your Sumi Balls in zero-drainage containers you can conserve water and nutrients, increasing drought tolerance and overcoming the stresses of  'feast and famine' that many plants suffer. Sumi Balls increase oxygenation and actively controls bacteria to fight root rot and disease, and so there is no need for drainage with Sumi Balls.

Hanging BasketsSumiSoil for Hanging Baskets

Fill your hanging baskets with Sumi Balls for drought-tolerant hanging baskets that look beautiful all Summer. By sealing off the drainage, you can reduce the maintenance required and make the most of Sumi Balls as a slow-release mechanism for the water and nutrients you add, without fear of plant rot or disease.

Propagation SumiSoil for Potting Plants

Sumi Balls are an ideal medium for fast and strong propagation; by creating a near-sterile environment with high humidity, cuttings and seeds strike quickly and reliably and grow disease-free and healthy. Fungi found in the surface of traditional growing media can attack new seedlings, however SumiSoil forms a highly effective protection against this.

Sumi Balls are available in several size containers. The 2.5 lb size has an easy-pour top perfect for use with small propagation trays, and is just right to fill one 6 in. or three 4 in. pots.

Sumi Balls for flowers that open sooner and last longer

Display your cut flowers in vases with Sumi Balls and enjoy longer-lasting beautiful displays, in water that stays fresh and crystal clear. Sumi Balls are available in a range of soft colors, including pastel blue, chalk, terracotta and charcoal, and looks great on its own, in layers, or designed and mixed with coordinating or contrasting colours.

As you can see from the graph below Sumi Balls effectively adsorb damaging Chlorine levels from municiple water making for a healthier environment for seedlings and plants and keep flowers blooming longer.

Chlorine Residue Density

When finished, simply rinse and re-use for your next bouquet; you can use your Sumi Balls again and again.

Use your Sumi Balls just like other decorative beads in vases of flowers, but unlike other decorative beads, the active Sumi charcoal will help keep the water fresh and clear - for flowers that open sooner and last longer. Your Sumi Balls will also reduce the build-up of unsightly green algae, and actively control unpleasant odours from standing water. Sumi Balls are a completely natural and organic product.

Sumi Balls for natural and lasting water purification for ponds and water featuresSumiBalls for Fish

Sumi Balls make a colorful filter medium for small gold fish bowls, large aquariums, Koi fish ponds, or other patio water features and make a statement at the same time.

No more green slime! Charcoal Sumi Balls will reduce and control the unsightly algae that grows in ponds and water-features during the Summer. The activated Sumi charcoal works just like in domestic water filters, trapping the key bacteria and toxins so that your water will stay clear for longer. Charcoal Sumi Balls can also help encourage healthy growth in your aquatic plants.

One gram of charcoal Sumi Balls has a surface area of up to 2,000 square yards so one application is enough for the whole year. Each individual Sumi can hold enough bacteria to fill a skip!

Sumi Balls are a natural, organic and non-toxic product that is completely safe for your fish and other aquatic flora and fauna. As a rule of thumb, we recommend that you allow 5 litres of Sumi Balls for 2,000 gallons of water, and replace annually; Sumi Balls are fully recyclable as soil conditioner at the end of the year - simply dig into the soil for added oxygenation and acidity control (Sumi has a pH of around 6.5). Sumi Balls are available in pastel blue or natural colours, and comes in convenient 5 litre containers, ideal for most garden water features.

Why not try new colors of Sumi Balls in your water for striking and unusual effects? Choose from Pastel Blue, Charcoal Black, Chalk White, Terracota, Peach, and Natural Brown.

Sumi Balls can be used as replacement substrate for your fish tank. Sumi Balls will continually filter the water, and actively control the build-up of green algae on the sides of the tank. Sumi Balls are a natural, organic and non-toxic product that is completely safe for your fish.

Sumi Balls for odor-free cat litter

Use Sumi Balls as a color-coordinated additive for your cat's litter. Simply add a small handful to eliminate unpleasant odours; the litter will last up to four times longer! Sumi Balls are available in a range of soft colours, including pastel blue, chalk, terracotta and charcoal.

Use your Sumi Balls with any litter; the active Sumi charcoal will help keep the environment fresh and clean - for healthier and happier cats. Sumi Balls are a completely natural and organic product.

Sumi Balls are available in various size containers. The 1 qt. bottle is enough for several weeks use.

Sumi Balls - for Hot Tubs & Spas

Keep your Hot Tubs and Spas clean and clear without having to smell chlorine and other chemical fumes. Protect Hot Tub Covers from damage due to Chlorine and Ozone gases.

Sumi Balls - for healthier homes

Use Sumi Balls as a color-coordinated display in your home or in the office. Simply display in a bowl (just like pot pouri) to eliminate unpleasant odors and help remove toxins and allergens from the air. Choose from any of the attractive colors, including pastel blue, chalk, terracotta and charcoal, or mix and match.

Use Sumi Balls in any environment; the active Sumi charcoal will help keep the air fresh and clean - for healthier living. Sumi Balls are a completely natural and organic product.

Imagine the Possibilities!

Plant-based Water Treatment

Two of the main substances known to cause pollution and eutrophication in rivers are nitrogen and phosphorus, and SumiBall is shown to be highly efficient at filtering water for these chemicals. Nitrogen and phosphorus are also essential for growth of plants, and for this reason plant-based water treatment is recognised as an effective and environmentally sustainable method of water treatment.


A new plant-based water treatment method has been developed using floating islands, with the aim of establishing an environmentally sensitive system for cleaning rivers and inland waterways. The islands used in this project are made using SumiBall; SumiBall is 100% natural product, made with activated carbon from cedar and Japanese cypress felled during essential forestry management.

The nitrogen absorbed by SumiBall promotes healthy growth in plants, and this makes SumiBall an ideal material for combining water treatment and plant cultivation in one.

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